SK OIL Terminals Pvt. Ltd.

S.K Oil Terminals is the Liquid Warehousing Division of the SPA Group. It started in 1972 and is currently located in Budge port. Over the years of our operation, SK Oil Terminal has been revolutionising energy storage needs of our clients in the most efficient and strategic way. Our ventures include storage of Edible Oil, Chemical Petroleum, Petrochemical, Heating system (steam boilers), Sulphuric Acid storage and Air Turbine Fuel storage. S.K Oil Terminals is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest fire fighting systems, tar roads and tanks under A B & C category licenses to cater to all of our client’s business needs.

We are proud to announce that our journey has enriched us with experience and expertise to build a terminal with various product portfolios and feathers on the cap. Our achievement highlights are:

  • Tankage capacity grown from 5400 KL to 1, 25, 000 KL
  • Tanks of various capacities : 800 to 10, 000 KL
  • Floating Roof
  • EPI Coated Tanks
  • Wagon loading facility
  • Upgraded fire fighting facility – sprinkler and foam system
  • Safety practice introduced in operations
  • Air Compressors for emptying Tanker Discharge Lines
  • Nitrogen pigging introduced for sensitive products
  • Introduced Pollution Control measure viz. Effluent Treatment Plant and Oil Water Separator

This beautiful journey of over 45 years has given us the strength, knowledge and capability to build a strong foundation in our business endeavors. Our team has been extremely supportive and ready to embrace new challenges in handling different projects.